Exact Excavating

Tips from a Pro

When bidding out contracting work, here are some important elements to consider:

Apple to Apples.  When comparing quotes from different contractors, make sure the contractors are bidding on the same project scope.

For example:

  • Is the driveway gravel depth the same?
  • Is the dirt hauled off or spread on the property?
  • After the repair or job, is the contractor responsible for grass seed, or finish grade?
  • With regards to drainage pipes, is it dual wall or single wall pipe?

Make a list of expectations and ask lots of questions before you receive the quote.  This way, both parties know what to expect and the final product meets your expectations.

With so many ways to achieve the same results, don’t be afraid to get multiple options, especially if you are hearing conflicting methods to solve issues.  This is particularly important with watershed or when complicated and expensive solutions are on the table.  Sometimes simple solutions solve complex issues.

Always Remember:

  • Dirt expands approximately 25% when excavated, so remember, there is settling involved when earth is disturbed.
  • If property lines are near projects, get neighbor consent.  Contractors may end up in the middle of property disputes which are not good for anyone.
  • Solving one water problem that creates another one for your neighbor is never an option.  Make sure you and your contractor considers the big picture.